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Focus on acne

ACNE: Number one, make sure you are hormonally balanced. If you're female, irregular periods (and acne) can be an indication that there is an imbalance. If you haven't done so, get a blood test done.

Look at diet, again obvious I expect. Avoid all the usuals like greasy, fried, processed. But also consider intolerances and the popular ones are dairy and wheat and so on. Eat lots of fruit (but not too much) veg, pulses and fibre. The aim is to detox and cleanse from the inside out.

Drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day. Avoid fizzy drinks, wines, beers, tea, coffee. Herbal teas are a good way to drink water, and a little bit of fresh juice in water makes it more palatable if it gets boring.

I drink a huge glass of warm water, cooled after boiling from the kettle, with a teaspoon of honey and some lemon every morning; it's a great detox.

Green tea as we know is a good detox.

Exercise is vital too as physical movement circulates oxygen around the blood vessels. This keeps the body functioning well and in turn makes the skin glow from good oxygenated blood flow.

Skin care: Don't be too rigorous! Too much 'cleaning' can make the skin overcompensate and you can find you end up with greasy bits, dry bits, spotty bits and even eczema.

Steady, regular and as natural as possible is the key.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise every night and morning.

Don't be afraid to moisturise. Just because you have acne it doesn't mean the skin doesn't need moisturisation. I use a tiny drop of olive oil! I like these guys. They are organic, ethical and not expensive. They do a good range and even have specialised products for problem skins.

I use their face wash in the evening and their cleanser in the morning. That's purely because wearing make up I like that fresh cleaned feeling that you get from the face wash and lots of water.

I remove cleanser in the morning with damp cotton wool, and evenings I use a clean flannel every day. They also stock the Konjac sponge, (lots of info on this site), which is a lovely gentle polish/exfoliator used most effectively with Essentially Yours' face wash.

Do a skin scrub 3 times a week, no more. You can make your own…/top-3-diy-homemade-acne-…

I recently did a micro teach on Edible Skin Care and discovered that turmeric is great for acne! Just watch out for staining!

Use a face pack once a week, no more. Again make your own. Fullers earth, (kaolin if you can get it) bicarbonate in equal parts and witch hazel with a little rose water so that it's not too harsh and mix to a creamy paste is one I make for clients. Leave on for 10-20 mins and rinse off with tepid water, cleanse tone and moisturise.

Massage is good too for blood flow and aiding the removal of toxins. Every time you cleanse and put moisturiser on exaggerate your hand movements so that you are brushing upwards and outwards firmly and for a few minutes.

Other help like supplements and medications can have a place too. I advocate lots of vit C, 1000mg a day minimum and more if you're poorly. Having said that, too much vitC though not harmful per se, will 'chuck out' via the skin and cause a rash/spots. Evening primrose, Starflower etc are all helpful.

The doc can prescribe creams and pills but I'm always wary. Having said that, I do know people who have needed that sort of kick start.

Years ago, a friend who suffered from acne discovered Quinoderm, a cream available over the counter in Boots. She swore by it.

As I have said, my advice isn't rocket science and you're probably doing all of the above. One thing I do know though, is if your hormone levels are fine, your skin WILL settle down, BUT too much interference or the wrong kind of interference will aggravate the problem.

Look at your body as a whole and work from what you put in your mouth to eat and drink (inc supplements and medications), to what you put on your skin (inc smoke, fumes etc), to what activity or lack of you do.

In addition, what you THINK affects your skin too! ie: De-stress! Think peace and light and stay calm and that will keep your system balanced and harmonious and that in turn will keep your body functioning at optimum performance.

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