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Advanced cosmetic procedures

Electrolysis treatments have progressed and developed over the years, thanks to innovative technology and advancing equipment, resulting in a safe, comfortable and highly effective method of removing a wealth of skin blemishes.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) is a new name for `Advanced Electrolysis`. ACP uses either Short Wave Diathermy (High Frequency A/C) or Blend (a mixture of A/C and D/C currents) to treat unwanted skin blemishes, such as warts, skin tags, moles and other benign growths, as well as thread veins and vascular conditions with no mark left on the skin.


There are now over 21 different types of blemishes that can be safely and effectively treated using advanced electrolysis.


Although there have been significant improvements in the equipment used, electrolysis and particularly advanced electrolysis remains highly dependent on the skill and training of the practitioner.


In the case of thread vein treatment, the procedure involves the tip of an incredibly fine probe being introduced along the line of the effected capillary which then releases a tiny energy current. In all ACP procedures, this current dehydrates, or cauterises, or removes and destroys the vessel, resulting in the disappearance of the blemish or, in the case of skin tags, its eventual demise.


Further treatments may be necessary depending on the severity of the problem and as your highly experienced skin therapist, I can advise you on this after a complete skin analysis is conducted. During your consultation, I will explain the specific procedure for your particular lesion.





  •  Telangiectasia or red/ thread veins - dilated capillaries.

  • Sebaceous Cysts - found of the face,neck and trunk of the body.

  •  Campbell De Morgan or Blood Spots - bright red vascular blemishes, dome shaped or slightly raised  common on the body.

  •  Spider Naevus - central dilated blood vessel with small capillaries radiating  from it.

  •  Skin Tags - very common usually found on the neck, face,  underarms and  areas of friction, but can be seen around the eyes.

  •  Milia - tiny hard pearl like lumps under the skin, sometimes called milk spots.

  •  Seborrhoeic Keratosis - common on the body as we age, can be clear or brown plaque like, rough on the top.

  •  Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra - common disorder on black skin. Smooth domed  shaped, brown to black on face, neck and chest.

  • Xanthelasma - yellowish white fatty lumps found around the eyes, commonly attributed to high cholesterol.

  • Warts - a viral growth.

  • Verrucae or Plantar wart.

  • Age Spot - caused by sun damage and aging.

  • Hair in Moles.

  • Reduction of benign Moles - doctor certificate required.


No charge
Up to 15 minutes
30 minutes
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