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Transgender electrolysis

For Facial & Body Hair Removal



Blend Method

The blend method, also called dual action method, is the combination and simultaneous use of galvanic and thermolysis techniques.


This combination method alleviates the shortcomings of each of the individual techniques, while bolstering their advantages.


By doing so, blend electrolysis incorporates the high kill rate associated with the galvanic method along with the swiftness found in thermolysis. It is especially useful in treating the deep, course hair follicles that typically make up the beard.


There is no better approach than the use of blend electrology in the treatment of the male to female transsexual.  

Basically, most of the blend's capacity for destroying the hair growing cells is accomplished by way of chemical decomposition.


That destruction is through galvanically produced lye. But unlike galvanic on its own, this combination current reduces the normal two-minute duration down to about 10 seconds. And just as important, the high kill rate is still maintained.


The hair kill rate for blend is about 70 -- 80 percent.

The high frequency current that is used to produce a cooking action with thermolysis, is instead used with the blend mainly as an accelerant. This is attributed to three separate actions: 

  • Increased Causticity -- heated lye is considerably more caustic.

  • Porosity -- the tissue very close to the needle is turned into a porous mass through which the heated lye solution can easily diffuse.

  • Agitation -- rather than working its way through the tissue by diffusion, the lye surrounding the needle is spread by agitation. This turbulence sends the hot lye solution into every area in the hair follicle and around the hair shaft.


This spreading action is also very important when one considers the need for properly destroying the undifferentiated cells found slightly higher up in the follicle, called stem cells, that are responsible for new hair growth.


Additionally, the blend is able to successfully treat extensive areas whilst being gentle on the skin. This can be a demanding time and one that I can help you with, by customising your sessions sympathetically. 

Please contact me to discuss your personal requirements and further treatment information.

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