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How electrolysis can help with your skin tag(s)

Many of us have at some time consulted our GP for advice and help with a skin tag, only to discover that most GP’s nowadays do not treat these skin conditions because the treatment is seen as ‘cosmetic surgery’.

If yours are causing you concern you can however get them safely treated by an electrolysis specialist qualified and licensed in advanced cosmetic procedures.

What Do They Look Like?

Skin tags, technically known as fibro-vascular papilloma, are small growths that hang from the skin. They can vary in size, shape and attachment from a tiny bump to sometimes growing as large as a pea. They can be quite colourless or be very dark brown. They are usually smooth and soft. It is as common to have just one as it is to have many of varying sizes in one area.

They are harmless (benign) but can at times cause a problem by either bleeding if caught, or just being unsightly and impacting on self esteem and mental well being.

They can become increasingly common as we age and affect men and women, often developing in areas where there is friction such as in the groin or underarms, as well as at the neck, eyelids and on the torso and limbs.

There has been evidence to reinforce recommendation to get the tag(s) removed as soon as possible as they can be known to increase in size through being left for a length of time.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

While tags are benign and harmless as I have mentioned before, many people wish they could get rid of them. Especially if the tag is visible, snagging on jewellery and clothing or/and increasing in size and if on the eyelid causing problems with sight and becoming uncomfortable.

Treatment is very safe and effective and involves cauterising the area. If the tag is small it will remove instantly during the procedure. If the tag is larger it will drop off a couple of days after treatment.

There is little discomfort during treatment and only slight pinkness to the skin immediately following treatment. The skin quickly recovers and the area is left with no evidence of the tag or treatment soon after.

I always give a thorough consultation whereby I examine the area requiring treatment and explain the procedure and answer any queries.

The clinic is open for appointments including evenings throughout the week and is fully PPE equipped

Click here to find out more about eletrolysis for skin tag, milia, wart and thread vein removal.

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