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An update regarding coronavirus

An update from me regarding Coronavirus:

I'd like to thank all my clients that have been in touch with thoughtful messages at this difficult time for us all.

Following government advice and guidance from my professional bodies - BABTAC and STEREX - whilst I am unable to provide you with your usual treatments at the moment due to the coronavirus disruption, I am meanwhile aware that for some, missing your appointments is crucial to the progress of your program of treatments as well as possibly detrimental to your sense of well being.

To reassure you, if you have electrolysis, providing you do nothing to the hair other than cut it, your progress will not be interrupted.

Do not wax, shave, thread, use depilatory cream and above all, do not pluck. To remind you, plucking is the worst course of action. The hair will quickly get stronger and may even spread.

Try to be patient, just cut the hairs if they're bothering you and I'm sure it won't be long before we'll all be able to get back to work.

Even though I may not be able to meet with people, I am very happy to have phone consultations or video calls in the meantime - as it would be lovely to keep in touch.

07970981293. Please take care and stay well. x

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